The Surf Symphony – The Song Of Summer

Someone around ’69 had a brilliant idea. He said: “We ‘re in California. Here, we all listen to surf music. So if I make a symphonic album based on that it ‘ll be a major hit. Won’t it?”.

The above statement is just my assumption because The Surf Symphony – The Song Of Summer is indeed a brilliantly made record. It features some of the finest session musicians of the LA scene (including one of my personal favourites, drummer Jim Gordon) and the performances in it are super smooth.


Mike Deasy, Ben Benay and Vic Briggs (guitars), Ray Pohlman, Lyle Ritz (bass), Mike Rubini, John Myles (keyboards), Jim Horn, Jules Jacob (woodwinds), Gary Coleman (percussion), Jim Gordon (drums), Lou McCreary, Lou Hyde (trombones) and Virgil Evans, Oliver Mitchell (trumpets)