Russ Kunkel #2 – Million Dollar Fills

Once you start the video you ‘ll understand the title of this post right on the spot.

Bare in mind that 1971 is still pretty early for the singer-songwriter era. Russ Kunkel is actually creating a style of playing with all the major gigs he had back then.

Russ Kunkel – Edge Of Seventeen

When it comes to major hits you can’t go much better than this. “Edge Of Seventeen” has immortal status on radio airplay. But let’face it, the true reason for this post is that verse.

Russ Kunkel is the drummer here. He was a guy deeply involved in the singer/songwriter heydays that conquered the US during the 70s.

I don’t know yet whose idea that verse beat was but it’s so odd it actually works. By accenting the offbeat he’s givin the song a sense of anticipation that really blends well with the vocal part. Needless to say, it holds a lot more the ground for that straight 16th hitmaking chorus.