Pocket Practice #3 | Bonobo – Dial ‘M’ for Monkey

Bonobo is not just the perfect ‘Sunday morning’ artist. He is also has a great sense of drumming and groove. Take his ‘Dial “M” For Monkey” record for example. Cinematic tunes with deep pocket grooves.

Something like The Cinematic Orchestra but with no Luke Flowers to make things super spicy. Dial ‘M’ For Monkey is an excellent record to practice your patience and explore space over airy tunes.

Pocket Practice #2: The Isley Brothers – 3+3

I couldn’t find a link containing the full record but you can find it anywhere. Drummer’s name is George Moreland. The record contains nine songs. There is not a single crash hit in any of them.


This had to be a post about pocket practice for sure. Enjoy!

Pocket Practice #1 : Betty Wright and The Roots: The Movie

I ‘m gonna try posting in a more organised manner starting with a series of articles noted as “Pocket Practice”. This will be dedicated to records that are delightful examples of what we call “playing deep in the pocket”. You can playalong with them or simply have a focused listen and get inspired.

Post no.1 is again about ?uestlove and his band The Roots. It is a collaboration with the singer/songwriter, Betty Wright. Every track has a certain vibe from start to finish and the drums follow that throughout the record. A musically perfect example of loose, breathy and -above all- patient timekeeping. The production is awesome too.