Pearl 60’s Luan Mahogany Kit

This week I’m playing my first “tribute” type gig. Its 3 nights dedicated to Elvis Presley. The selected set for the job is my 1968 Pearl Luan Mahogany kit. Sizes are: 20″ x 14″ / 13″ / 16″.

I found it as a cheap bargain online and I thought I could take the risk. As it turned out the previous owner was very kind to it and it was in near mint condition when it arrived. It even had its original old school hardware (cymbal and tom mounts seen below).

Pearl 60s Luan Mahogany Kit

A little history about it. During the 60’s, the drum industry was completely conquered by American brands like Rogers, Slingerland, Gretsch and so forth. Little Asian companies made their first appearance at that time by trying to immitate the big boys and create cheap replicas of their core sets. Pearl was actually one of them.

Judging by the logo of my kit it is crystal clear that they were trying to rip off Rogers. But only on the outside. Cause in the inside its just pure “cheapness”. Three plies of luan mahogany aint something special. But make that three plies of luan mahogany after 50 years of careful storage and you might just make something. This kit actually delivers way more that its supposed to be and I love it for that.

I’ m also loving the hardware solutions for the working drummers of that era. They could just put almost everything on their bass drum and finish their gig happy. I recently found out that Ludwig and DW have brought back into the light revamped versions of old school hardware. I would like to see them become a trend (along with a pricedrop..).

You can have a taste both from the kit and the Elvis Tribute Band here: