JR admits doin overdubs on Ain’t Nobody

Look, for a guy like me who gets a bit obsessed with stuff like that moments like the one on the 21.00 mark of the following seminar are MIND BLOWING.

I’ve spent months trying to play the Ain’t Nobody groove over the studio version and it was always too fast for me to make the hihat part sound right during the chorus. Now, over this process I’ve learned a million stuff concerning 80s pop drumming and dance music in general. But I’ve never got down the groove 100%.

Now, I know the truth. JR is not any less of a good drummer to me now. To be honest overdubbing a pattern like that is a smart move. I mean, that’s actually how drum machines work in a nutshell. And this beat sounds like drum-machine candy with real drum sounds.

I ‘ll probably keep trying to get the groove down though.

Jaki Liebezeit – The Can Groove

Jaki Liebezeit is the drummer for the infamous German avant-garde psychedelic band, Can. He is said to be the founder of the “Motorik Beat“, the most commonly used drum pattern in the Kraut Rock scene (straight 8ths with closed h/h + bass drum and snare backbeat).

However, this post is about another trait of his, another signature beat he plays in numerous CAN compositions. Just click on the following links.

Now, remember all those times in rehearsal when your band wants to write a new song and you ‘re like: “Darn it, I have to play something different now for sure, gotta sound always fresh“. Oh well, apparently Liebezeit never had that problem in his mind…

*NOTE on the constant quarter notes on the right hand instead of 8ths. That way, the 16th note subdivision happening between the bass drum and the snare sounds even more immense.