Drum Cam Footage #3 Spectralfire Live

Spectralfire is the trip-hopish project of a man I really admire who goes by the name of Labis Kountourogiannis. The selft-titled debut record is a real eye-opener for fans of alternative pop genres. Have a listen here (drums played by that guy Serafeim Giannakopoulos).

I have the honor of being the gigging drummer of Spectralfire for two years now which is something I paricularly enjoy since the band is consisted of extremely talented people. Special shoutout to Giorgos Bouldis, a BEAST on the bass. The gig is pretty demanding considering that I have to be consistently tight with a click track + loops which I dont control. Room for mistakes: none.

ps. Lost my balance there in the 5.58 mark but saved in the last moment.

Vox/Guitar/Synths – Labis Kountourogiannis

Guitar – Orestis Falireas

Keys – Matina Kountourogianni

Bass – Giorgos Bouldis

Gear Used: Gabriel Custom Bass Drum 22×16, Premier Royal Ace ’69 Snare 14×5.5

Bosphorus Cymbals: 15″ Traditional Dark Hats, 20″ Traditional Thin Ride

Roland SPD-SX (not used on this paricular video)

Drum Cam Footage #2

This is another sample of my gigging session work. This time with the singer/songwriter, Katerina Makavou. It’s a cover of a Greek rock classic tune called “Den Choras Pouthena”. Essentially, a rock n’ roll song. The drums were originally all about heavy hitting on the toms/bass drum but after attempting that on a rehearsal we decided we should make another rendition, a “softer yet uptempo one”.

I went for the “Violent Femmes” approach. Brushes, constant 16th notes and just accents whenever needed. To make the 16ths a bit smoother I tried to use only double strokes. That way, the left hand backbeat had a bit more authority.

PS1. Once in London, I had the honor of playing with the singer of Violent Femmes himself, mr Gordon Gano. We played three of his greatest hits with the band including Blister in the Sun.

PS2. Gear Used:
Set: Pearl Luan Mahogany ’68 – 20/13/16, Snare: Premier Royal Ace ’69 – 14×5.5, Bosphorus Cymbals: Traditional Dark Hats 15″, Traditional Thin Ride 20″, Groove Series Wide Ride Thin 22″

Nikos Portokaloglou Drum Cam Footage

The time has come for me to post a little bit of myself playing.

Stefanos Sakellariou, is a good friend of mine (and a sick drummer as well) who had the kindness to lend me his Zoom Q3HD recorder. I ‘ve set it up at a couple of recent gigs in order to have a second listen at what I played. As it turns out, things are not always the way we think of them in the heat of the moment. Some of your powers end up sounding not so good and some of your weaknesses don’t sound weak at all. It’s a mess. But a constructive one.

This song is taken from last Friday’s gig with Nikos Portokaloglou. It’s one my favourite songs in the set, mainly because of the vocal melody. People seem to love it as well as they all wanna join in on the chorus. On this version I tried to add a faux “trip hop” vibe to it by keeping it stubbornly straight and airy at the same time.

Gear Used:

Set: Ludwig Classics ’79 22/13/16 (6ply maple shells), Snare: Premier Royal Ace ’69 14×5.5 , Cymbals: Bosphorus Traditional Dark Hats 15″, Traditional Thin Ride 20″, Groove Series Wide Ride Thin 22″

Hanging the keys on the left cymbal has become a habit of mine. Mainly because it gives sustain even in the softest of hits. That way you can have a quiet version of a big crash during the soft tunes. Enjoy!