Drum Cam Footage #3 Spectralfire Live

Spectralfire is the trip-hopish project of a man I really admire who goes by the name of Labis Kountourogiannis. The selft-titled debut record is a real eye-opener for fans of alternative pop genres. Have a listen here (drums played by that guy Serafeim Giannakopoulos).

I have the honor of being the gigging drummer of Spectralfire for two years now which is something I paricularly enjoy since the band is consisted of extremely talented people. Special shoutout to Giorgos Bouldis, a BEAST on the bass. The gig is pretty demanding considering that I have to be consistently tight with a click track + loops which I dont control. Room for mistakes: none.

ps. Lost my balance there in the 5.58 mark but saved in the last moment.

Vox/Guitar/Synths – Labis Kountourogiannis

Guitar – Orestis Falireas

Keys – Matina Kountourogianni

Bass – Giorgos Bouldis

Gear Used: Gabriel Custom Bass Drum 22×16, Premier Royal Ace ’69 Snare 14×5.5

Bosphorus Cymbals: 15″ Traditional Dark Hats, 20″ Traditional Thin Ride

Roland SPD-SX (not used on this paricular video)