Hearing Musical Time – Five articles of awesomeness

I didn’t know who Jacob Slichter is. It does not matter. I then read he’ s the drummer of Semisonic, which I don’t like. It does not matter. This guy made a five-part study on the essence and concept of time and feel and he hits all the right notes.

Subjects like these of course are highly subject to personal opinion and perspective but I happen to agree 100% with him so I had to repost it.

Part 1 – Time Analysis including examples from Al Jackson, Ringo and Charlie Watts

Part2 – Analysing the feel differences between three drummer of the Boss

Part3– Pointing out that it’s not just the drums that create the feel of time (amen to that!)

Part4– Suggestions on practicing the concept

Part5 -Analysing two legends: Elvin Jones and Roy Haynes within the same context of a song.