The Sound of Joe Morello

Been a long time but summer is busy here. Got a bunch of posting ideas soon to be published.

Today’s subject, mr. Joe Morello. The guy that made people sing the drum solo due to the massive hit material of Dave Brubeck Quartet’s in “Time Out”.

As it occurs, I’m really trying to get my feet on the ground on jazz comping. My opinion is that -as in everything we do- you gotta find the sound that suits for you. It would be like an example you can always steal and rely on.

Being a rock drummer myself, you can tell that comping is not my strong suit. I took me years to throw away the concept of playing swing without thinking strictly the ride pattern. I believe that’s a major step. But in the long way I still have I have the difficult task to make my kit sound good while doing so.

Enter Joe Morello, the guy with the rockiest bass drum and tom tuning during the ’60s jazz era. It’s easy to tell when its him banging the skins mainly due to his signature tom phrasing tonality.

I ‘ve never seen the Dave Brubeck Quartet play a standard before and I’m glad this upload exists cause you can really delve into Morello’s thinking. Like most of the drummers I like he’s always on the hunt for THAT lick tha will make every song part bounce and feel light/heavy/danceable whatever you name it.

He’s got the sound I would go after… I’ll see you again in 50 years then…