Greetings and welcome to my humble blog. My name is Manolis Giannikios and for the past few years I work as a professional drummer. “Theeffectofnine” is basically an attempt to gather all my thoughts and ideas around the awesome world of drumming and write them down both for me and anyone interested in reading. I’ ll just start with a small bio:


-Born in Athens, Greece in 1990

-Drumming Since: 2005
-Turned pro: 2011
-Endorsements: Oriollo Drums, Bosphorus Cymbals
-Proud member of the following bands and projects: Whereswilder, Sillyboy, The Jaguar Bombs, Night Knight, Spectralfire

-Session career including collaborations (studio and live) with major Greek artists such as: Natassa Bofiliou, Nikos Portokaloglou, Filippos Pliatsikas, Babis Stokas and many more. Check the “Been On Stage With” segment for more details.

-Former member in bands: we.own.the.sky, No Profile (released an LP with Sony Music Greece) and The Verge


So, there you have it. This was written on December of 2014 and hopefully it will keep expanding. I ‘ll be mainly posting only stuff that are worth sharing (in my humble opinion always) so don’t expect this blog to be updated consistently. Thanks for your time and see you around.

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