This came out 16 years ago…

Boy, time flies. I was only 10 when the first singles from “Parachutes” came to light. I remember both “Trouble” and “Shiver” being on heavy rotation in the golden MTV years.

Being a teenager during the 00s its easy to see why I can’t say a single bad thing about this band. They re stuck in “hard drive”, can’t erase them, can’t change the station when one of their early stuff is going on.

For what is worth, Parachutes is a pretty DARN GOOD record. When it came out, surely everyone accused the band for ripping off Radiohead. Now, I ‘ve previously stated what’s my opinion on “stealing” and I pretty much think the same in this case. These guys embraced influences, airplay and always had a very good connection with music that’s not considered “shitty radio songs”. At least for the most part of their career…


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