Sarah Jones – A Serious Lady

I was trying to find some ways to spice things up with the hybrid kit I’m using currently for Sillyboy (video footage is coming later in some other post). I stumbled across a pretty neat solution called BT-1. It’ s basically a trigger pad made by Roland for hybrid setups. What’s so neat about it is that you can mount it on any drum hoop and have no crossfire whatsoever from the actual playing vibrations.

So, following my title here, while I was searching for material for that pad I stumbled upon this lady here:

Now, I can personally see two things here. Firstly, a great dance/pop drum kit setup (exactly the thing I was searching at the time) but secondly, BRITISH pop drumming at its finest example. I was really intrigued and wanted to learn more about her. Turns out, she’s a major session name in Britain playing with classy gigs such as Hot Chip and Bat For Lashes.

Sarah at a full stretch with Hot Chip here:

And here live with Bat For Lashes:

She even made a sub appearance with Bloc Party (not an easy gig) and she absolutely killed it.