Whereswilder – Yearling

Whereswilder is a psychedelic rock band from Athens, Greece. I play the drums. We recently released our first full-length called “Yearling”. Here’s a track:

You can stream/buy the whole record here.

Yearling was recorded by four people playing in the same room with no metronome. This demanded minimum editing so the drum takes are more less the actual ones I managed to track during the four days of recording with a few mix/match scenarios (whole verses of choruses from specific takes) on some songs that it was doable.

The drum gear included:

-Ludwig 60s Club Date “Frankenstein” Kit (thanks to my dear friend Syke from Planet Of Zeus) : 20″ x 14″ B/D / 12″ Tom / 16″ Floor

-Ludwig Keystone Supraphonic “69 14″ x 5

-Bosphorus Cymbals: 15″ Traditional Dark Hats, 22″ Groove Wide Ride Thin, 20” Traditional Ride Thin

Now, as far as influences go. During the tracking period I was pretty much obsessed by Morris Jennings’ drumming found on Howlin’ Wolf’ s Psychedelic Electric Blues Record (1969) along with Mitch Mitchell’s performance on Axis: Bold As Love. I tried to combine these two references with a more personal snare sound.

Hint: Not even a single rimshot was recorded on Yearling.


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